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Eyebrow Growth Enhancing Serum - Brow Enhancer Conditioner - Peptide Boosting Formula

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7 out of 10 customers seen new growth within 6-8 weeks 

 What is in our Eyebrow growth serum?

  • Peptides
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Hyaluronic acid

Eyebrows are a defining feature of your face. They frame the eyes and can make or break an outfit.

But sometimes they just don’t grow in as thick as you want them to be.

We know how frustrating it is when your eyebrows are thinning out and not growing back in like they used to.

That’s why we created our Hollyberry eyebrow growth serum! It contains peptides that help stimulate hair follicles for fuller brows, plus hyaluronic acid which conditions and fortifies hair follicles for thicker, healthier-looking eyebrows.

Our formula is paraben-free so you can feel confident knowing that there are no harmful chemicals on your skin!

You deserve full, beautiful brows – without spending hours filling them in every morning with makeup or penciling them in every day with a sharpie marker (yikes!).

With our Hollyberry eyebrow growth serum, you can have fuller-looking eyebrows without any hassle at all! Just apply the serum once a day before bedtime and watch those baby hairs fill right up!

The best part? This product works on both men AND women - so anyone who wants thicker brows should give this product a try today!

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Peptides help grow eyebrows by strengthening them and repairing any damage that may have been caused by over-plucking or waxing. This serum will help you get the brows of your dreams without having to worry about plucking or waxing every day!

Peptide is a chain of amino acids. They are the building blocks of eyebrows that help strengthen and repair.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid moisturizes making them look healthier and stronger.

There is now help to reduce shedding and help growth. Eyebrows are the frame for your face. They can make or break your look.

 After 6 weeks you will see the difference. After 6 months you will gain a new look.


Everyone wants Fuller and thicker eyebrows as they noticeably intensify eye expression and growth. 

The secret

Hollyberry's eyebrow growth serum is Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 Peptide which lengthens and thickens the eyebrows, fortifies hair, and noticeably intensifies eye expression. 

Improve your eyebrow condition for short and thin eyebrows and the over use of eyelash extensions.  

Visible effects in 6 weeks. Best results at 8 weeks. 


How to use our serum

Hollyberry eyebrow growth serum is equipped with a soft easy to use applicator.

Apply the serum with one stroke on a clean, dry brow every morning and evening.  

The Serum is very efficient: One 7 ml package provides approximately three months of daily use, which is the complete treatment. 

Hair on the eyelashes and eyebrows has a very short active growth phase of only about 30-45 days.

Which explains why they are shorter than scalp hair.

Approximately 60-80% of the eyebrows are in this phase.

The entire duration of the cycle for the hair is 3-4 months whereas the scalp hair cycle is about 3-6 years..



Draw the applicator tip carefully along the Eyebrow in one continuous stroke. Use once a day at night.

Avoid direct contact with the eye, If serum has contact with eyewash with clean warm water.


Aqua, glycerin, myristoyl pentapeptide-17, Sweet Almond Oil, hyaluronic acid, phenoxyethanol


What is Myristoyl Pentapeptide - 17 

Eyebrows fall off as one age. Also, human beings lose the ability to grow new hairs too. Both are signs of aging and would surely come at one point in time, though the time varies for everyone.

But we are not at the mercy of mother nature. Are we not to look beautiful again just because we are growing older? No!

Human beings have been defying nature with creativity for ages past and we would continue to do so. So if you have thin, sparse eyebrows, there is no cause for alarm.

There are a lot of products to the rescue, one of which is myristoyl pentapeptide-17.

But let us look at a brief introduction to peptides first and how they work.


 What are Peptides?

Peptides are links of various amino acids which are held together by peptide bonds (also called amide bonds).

They are very similar in structure to proteins and some people even refer to them as small proteins. That is all on the technicalities.

Basically, peptides are categorized according to the number of amino acids they contain.

Dipeptides are composed of two amino acids; tripeptides of three amino acids; tetrapeptides of four; pentapeptides of five; peptides with six or more amino acids are called oligopeptides.

Other types of peptides are copper peptides and neuropeptides. Copper peptides are made up of amino acids with copper molecules while neuropeptides act on the nerve cells.

The information is just as a background. You would soon see, in the benefits, how it is relevant to know that peptides contain amino acids and are similar to protein.

The different types of peptides also serve various functions.

But our focus in this article is on pentapeptide, particularly, myristoyl pentapeptide-17.

People have less collagen and hyaluronic acid as they age and those two are important to the well-being of the skin.

And their absence means one would have wrinkles on the face and sagging skin as we see in old people. Pentapeptides activate the production of those two components so as to keep the skin fresh and smooth.

But myristoyl pentapeptide extends its own function to correcting hair loss.

This is why it is used and is very good for getting fuller and thicker eyebrows and eyelashes.


Benefits of Myristoyl Pentapeptide

Provision of Nutrients. 

Myristoyl pentapeptide in a serum supplies basic nutrients to the hair follicles.

It is the hair follicles that are necessary for the growth of hair and when they have the necessary nutrients they are able to perform their function well.

There are various causes of eyebrows thinning and the principal of them all is aging.

And this is because, as the body ages, it lacks the nutrients necessary for hair growth. This is what myristoyl pentapeptide fixes.


Quick supply of nutrients

The first step is the supply of nutrients necessary for hair growth. But it does not stop at that. It is also important that these nutrients are supplied quickly to haste hair growth.

If you use myristoyl pentapeptide consistently, you would notice results (thicker and fuller eyebrows) within a short time.

This is because myristoyl pentapeptide does not only provide the nutrients; it also ensures that the nutrients are supplied to appropriate cells quickly for better results.

Our Myristoyl Pentapeptide is so effective that, by consistent use. You can even grow your eyelashes and brows by up to 25%.

It’s also safe for all skin types and works on any hair color or texture – no matter what type of eyebrows you want to achieve, our serum will help make them happen!

Desire: We know how frustrating it can be when people don't understand why they're not getting their desired results from other products.

That's why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if our product doesn't work for you - because we believe in its power enough to put our money where our mouth is! Try it today risk-free with absolutely no commitment required.


Deep impact

The reason myristoyl pentapeptide is so effective is that it works even up to the level of individual cells. This makes it also long-lasting because it does not just treat the symptoms.

It goes down to the source (the cells) where, by diffusing with the nucleus, it stimulates the production of keratin in the cells.

Keratin is the structural protein of the hair and the more it abounds, the more the eyelashes and eyebrows grow.

So myristoyl pentapeptide works really deep to produce really wonderful results.



Proteins are necessary for hair growth. And myristoyl pentapeptide is composed of amino acids. Talk about a perfect choice! So really, this peptide can be said to have the right ingredients for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows.



Apart from being useful in growing eyebrows and lashes, myristoyl pentapeptide also functions as an antioxidant and helps in skincare.

Antioxidants are mainly used to rid the skin of free radicals that damage the cells.

 As we have seen that the growth of hair is related to the health of the cells, unhealthy cells would cause hair loss.

So myristoyl pentapeptide is useful in growing eyelashes and brows basically because of how it works on the skin. 

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